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Cleanings of Drillings AIR LIFT until 600m.

Reasons that make us first in this field

We allocate compressors of high pressure 24 - 28 bar column of growth 4 '' AIR LIFT. The cleaning of filters becomes locally in each filter for better growth of aquiferous and measurement of their quality. Also we only use double or packer for each local pumping for aquiferous separately.

The technological equipment that we allocate allows us to remove the sand that has fallen in the seabed of drilling until the depth of 600m (unique in North Greece).

After the end of cleaning, measurements take place for the benefit and fall of drilling level. Data and observations are given to the customer for the choice of a suitable pump.

It is not accidental that we collaborate with the best companies of manufacture of drillings and the bigger suppliers of pumps in Greek market.

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